Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DAY 6 of the trial

Today, there was the parade of Dr Murray's women.  There's one of his bimbettes under this post.  They were all inappropriate morons (see the stupid grin on her face below) who found it necessary to be very stupidly smiley since they were on camera.  Amazing how stupid one can be if one puts their mind to it.  This was NOT a smiling moment.  This was an eye opening day in that the superficial life that Dr Murray has had was exposed.  It was all about women, sex and his being a sperm doner...randomly having kids all over Cali with women that dressed and spoke like prostitutes. 

Once again, this day in court exposed the angry faced doctor for who he really is.  Imagine a doctor, illegally giving deep anesthesia by Propofol in a patient's home so that he could sleep!  He needs to throw himself at the mercy of the court.  The man is a menace to his patients and lethal to others. 

Once again, I'm not impressed with the "MD" he has after his name.  No matter how you look at it, just because he was able to memorize well, doesn't make the idiot a physician;  it only makes him more of an idiot.  Cynical?  Yep!  One of those "MD" lying SOB's nearly killed both myself and my  daughter...as well as many others that I counsel.

BEWARE of your doctor...especially if you trust him/her.  Most of them just want a cushy way to practive and have absolutely no respect for human life.  This moron killed Mr Jackson & nearly killed me as well 5 years ago.   How good a deal is getting all of your patients hooked on drugs?  It's a sure deal that they will ALL be seeing you every month.  A true cushy paycheck & job. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

What is Propofol?

Propofol is a drug that reduces anxiety and tension, and promotes relaxation and sleep or loss of consciousness. Propofol provides loss of awareness for short diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, sleep at the beginning of surgery, and supplements other types of general anesthetics.
What should my health care professional know before I receive propofol?

They need to know if you have any of these conditions:
arrhythmia (rapid, slow, or irregular heart beat)
blood vessel disease
head injury
heart disease
high cholesterol
seizures (convulsions)
an unusual or allergic reaction to propofol, anesthetics, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
pregnant or trying to get pregnant
How should I use propofol?

Propofol is for injection into a vein. It is given by trained anesthesia professionals in a controlled environment.
Contact your pediatrician or health care professional regarding the use of this medicine in children. Special care may be needed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He Only Wanted Peace through Love while Persuing Truth & Happiness...THIS is what he got...

I'm a 33 year born again Christian believer.  I feel so blessed to have found all that I was searching for in life;  however, Michael, in all his splendor and celebrity was unable to find his 'answer' in thi slife because his life was cut short by Dr Murray.  He will never see his children grow up...he will never be a grandpa...he will never find what he was searching for...he will never have another chance.  He never reached a place of peace in his mind, body or spirit.  Dr Murray stole this right from him...as have many of his doctors.  Let's not blame ONLY Dr Murray.  Murray was the final nail in Mr Jackson's coffin;  however, as seen below, there were all too many who participated in raping and torturing (to death) a vibrant entertainer who trusted EVERYONE.  He underwent ongoing CHEMICAL RAPE with Propofol and other drugs because he trusted Murray...just as most people trust their doctors.  Because of Michael's endearing childlike & trusting spirit, a monster (Murray) took advantage of him to the tune of $5million/year (as stated in court today).

Greed sucks & it kills.  This doesn't have to go on.  It's sad that Michael had to die at the hands of a criminal with a fancy degree but in death, he can become even more of a hero than he was in life!  We need to do whatever we need to do so that doctors are held accountable...just as the rest of us are. Let's stop 'trusting' people just because they are able to attain a higher educational degree.  Instead, let's do something that will stop allowing doctors to be exempt from the law that controls the rest of us... all those without the MD after their name.  DOUBLE STANDARD?  You bet!

Prosecution?  ROCK ON!!!

How & Why NOT to Trust Your Doctor when you receive a PRESCRIPTION for ADDICTION

It's Day 2 of the Michael Jackson Murder Trial.  I'm about to grab my  cup of coffee and , in place of my usual healthy breakfast shake,  I am getting ready to 'eat' every word that's said in court today.  I will also have a 'side dish' of a silver bullet that I will need to bite for each and every negative word that will be said about Michael.  The bullet will also come in quite handy for all of the inferences made to his being an addict.  I can't help being frozen in fear knowing that thousands across these United States will die today from a doctor's prescription.  These deaths will be because people have been taught  to trust their physicians rather than their own unlimmited investigative minds.

It was brought to my attention this morning, from someone near and dear to me,  how the power of the "MD" and mind control of doctors, as enablers, create a wide open lethal path to addiction.  From when we are children, we learn to trust doctors as thought they were God;  problem is that they're so not God and medicine is 'iffy' at best...lots of theories that change with the wind.  We learn how to believe the "gospel according to Dr Whoever".  Think about how, when your doctor tells you that you 'need' a medication, out of absolutely nowhere, your symptoms become so much worse!  It's is at this very crossroad that Dr Whoever tells us that we need 'MORE' and 'MORE OFTEN' along with more investigative studies (translated to 'MORE MONEY').  After the tests show nothing or something, it's onward to more drugs & more tests...MORE DEPENDENCE on greed filled Dr Whoever and his nasty drugs too!  We cannot allow Dr Whoever to have a lapse of our  hard earned money, right?  WRONG!!! 

Gotta get back to the case!
Blessings & Hugs to all
(pray for the Jackson family)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Addicted by Doctors - NOT an Addict

I awoke this morning with hope that, in his death, Michael Jackson would become a hero and poster child for victims of the legal drug lords (medical doctors) that exist and survive by addicting innocent people.

The MJ murder case is very personal for me.  I was almost a statistic when a doctor prescribed 12 different narcotics - ALL at once.  Over a period of 7 horrific years of a  'doctor given' addiction, I ended up having an accidental overdose,  jumping out a window, surviving a drug induced coma, living through the nightmare of a psychotic breakdown secondary to withdrawal and, to top it all off, landing in a cardiac care unit in a state of severe dehydration with heart irregularities.  I was supposed to die and surprised my money hungy doctor by surviving the lethal cocktails he prescribed several times a day for back pain.  He continued to do this after I told him, repeatedly, I felt as though I had an addiction and felt my body 'dying'.  Well, Dr Hussein Omar in upstate, NY, I survived despite your disgusting egregious behavior as a physician.  (If you don't like your name mentioned here, go ahead & Make My Day -  sue me!  Give me the opportunity to be able to show the world your SINISTER EVIL and your MENACING AGENDA with all of your patients.)Perhaps, if I had been a celeb, the laws would be different today and Michael would not have been so inhumanely killed after suffering at the hands of money grubbing doctors;  however, now, in his death, MJ is a my hero, because he can finally bring the change necessary to hold all doctors accountable for being "legal drug lords".  The only difference between Dr Conrad Murray and your local Drug Dealer is ONLY a business suit!

My heart goes out to Michael's family, friends and fans, as they have to repeatedly hear that it was all Michael's fault because he was an "addict".  Michael was a victim of Dr(?) Conrad Murray's greed and plot to secure his addiction so that he could continue to receive the 150K each month to care for him.  After all, he has 8 kids with 7 women and lots of girlfriends.  Someone wealthy needs to support all of that, right?